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Hello! I'm Maitreyee Muley​
May-Tree-Yee :)

What I'm doing right now...

After my graduation in Design Management from SCAD, I've had amazing opportunities to leverage my skills and keep learning through this experience. I led and contributed to design projects from strategic concepts (early discovery) to post-launch takeaways as well and worked on agile product teams with two growing companies in the US. 


My most current and proud project is GiveShop. I’m pioneering UX/Product Design to launch the responsive web & mobile platform for contributors to donate & volunteer to the social impact projects. 

Before that I spearheaded UX Research at Vecteezy, an online stock imagery software, to elevate the customer experience and improve the customer satisfaction. 

I’m known as the curious one and my extensive design experience in interior architecture, urban design and now UX design has taught me about the importance of following the process with attention to details, empathetic understanding, critical thinking, - and constantly asking good questions! 

Why UX design?


I began my formal career in architecture, embedding myself in the practice of systems design. By working for 2 years with different clients, I developed a strong sense for systems design thinking, storytelling, and empathy, and a passion for design strategy to be able to serve according to their requirements. I loved early discovery and analyzing messy insights so I could strategize ideas that develop into architectural drawings/wireframes and integrate into viable solutions. 

What do I do in my free time?

When I'm not working, I'm usually found exploring the beauty of local neighborhoods, clicking beautiful pictures, trying new recipes for my friends or playing Badminton / Board Games. During quarantine, painting and reading books have attracted my attention. The book that I've been reading recently is 'Sapiens-A Brief History of Humankind'. 

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