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Hi there! I'm Maitreyee!
May-Tree-Yee :)

I'm a strategic UX/UI Designer who believes in designing impactful projects and creating moments of joy by intersecting humans, business, data, and technology.

My story of transitioning from Architecture to UX/UI Design :)

I began my formal career in architecture, thrived in a rigorous intellectual climate, which promoted inquiry through design research. While embedding myself in systems designs, I've always been intrigued by the way people interact with the digital and physical spaces and the experiences they carry with them. My love of user experience design began during my urban design graduate course in India. While working on understanding the tangible needs of the community to develop a participatory digital application, I quickly realized that there is a gap within the process that focuses less on the human-centered approach and more on the tangible design aspect. My curiosity to fill in those gaps and learn about the human-centered approach, technology, business, and design thinking processes has been a driving force to pursue Design Management from SCAD.


I’m known as the curious one and my 2+ years of design experience in interior architecture has led me to develop a strong sense for design thinking, storytelling, and empathy, and a passion for a product strategy to be able to serve the customer's requirements. I love early discovery and analyzing messy insights to strategize ideas that develop into wireframes, prototypes, and integrate them into feasible, desirable, and viable solutions. 

My life in little squares :)

A strong believer in team collaboration


DMGT Family, SCAD 2019


Can't get enough of exploring PNW!


Passionate about Design Thinking & HCD


Love for capturing moments otherwise gone!

An enthusiastic hiker!


Please explore my work and discover why I do what I do! 

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