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CORE is a fast and an intuitive service for a joyful relocation experience within the United States
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The project goal is to create a blue ocean opportunity in the existing housing market to identify the pain points of the relocators by using Design Thinking methods.

My key role

Design Manager

UX Designer

Project Timeline                                           

Mar 2019 - May 2019


To identify the blue ocean opportunity in the housing market, and to understand the users behaviors and their pain points while relocating from one place to another within the United States.

Design Question

How might we use design thinking to enhance the experience of relocation by encouraging collaboration in relocator social circle?

Design Process

User Research

- User Research

- Market Research

- User & Business Goals


- Personas defined

- Actionable insights

- Product Strategy


- Ideation

- User Scenarios

- Wireframes

- Prototype

- User Test

- Re-iterat

- Pitch

Solution Overview

CORE is a collaborative community for relocator and their social circle which provides emotional connection in the process of relocation, while building up their social circle.

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40 M relocate

Every year 40 M people relocate within the United States

25% due to various reasons

People relocate for various reasons, like for better employment opportunities, better housing and community, climate changes, high tax rates

Research and Synthesis Methods

In-depth Interviews

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Survey Design

Market Analysis


Analysis & Synthesis

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User Testing

Design innovation

To better understand the industry rivalry for the Relocation in Housing, the initial discovery started with the competitor analysis, designing surveys for two user groups like relocators and the social circle, and in-depth interviews were conducted for four different user groups like relocators, moving service providers, social network and housing providers.

170 + Users in Research & Testing 
Survey and Interview insights 


move without any moving services

of participants are willing to spend less than $300 for relocation



of participants have helped others relocate

of participants think helping others to move is a good chance to strengthen relationship


Inspiring for users

Uninspiring for users

  • Most of the Millennials prefered self driving but taking help for packing either from friends or buying packing boxes to pack things.

  • Most of the Gen X prefered using moving service provider services to pack and move things from one place to other.

  • Around 45% users they believed in keeping in contact with existing friends and family, but they were also interested in making new connections.

  • Around 65% of the users were frustrated with the packing and unpacking of things while moving

- Lot of back and forth with the housing providers, moving service providers to relocate
- No direct engagement with new community
- Limited Time
- Limited Money

Market Analysis Insights

We began by using contextual design inquiry to research existing Markets and Social Systems in leading markets. We then began to identify network leaders in areas with obvious gaps and opportunities. We conducted broad market analysis to begin identifying trends in the culture and society. We used various modeling such as mind maps, 2x2 analysis, also known as axis charting, to map quantity versus quality and identify existing trends and gaps in markets. We ended the research for this part by using segment matrices to capture competitor information.


To define the scope of the project the next stage was to analyze the data, define user segmentation and build the personas. Also, comparing it with the industry analysis.


User Quotes

  • "Recently they have moved and they prioritized for a better community and neighborhood to be able to be safe for their children"

  • "Excited, nervous to come to the new city where I've never seen my new apartment”

  • "Relocation makes me lose contact with some neighbors and most of time, people are busy, I don't want to bother them"

  • "Moving my stuff was a big part but not as much as getting here"


I facilitated the Creative Matrix Workshop with the colleagues and carried out the ideation process by placing out main personas on this chart of 5E’s i.e Entice, Enter, Engage, Exit and Extend. The next step was to ideate concepts based on Personas needs and goals and place it in right section of 5 E's.