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User Experience for a mobile co-workers

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This project is about the ethnographic research being conducted to strategize and create the ideal customized user experience in a co-working space by developing desired design prototypes and solutions using storytelling from the insights of the research. This research contains key findings and synthesized insights on the concept of 'Co-working'. It is important to explore the experience of co-working in our world, how it has evolved, how designers can approach it to come up with new solutions.

Project Timeline                                           

10 Weeks (January 2019-March 2019)

My key role


Project management, User Research,  Conceptualization, Strategy and Visual Storytelling


How might we use design thinking methods to create a strategy for the ideal shared co-working, collaborating and community environments?



We conducted secondary research using tools like popular media scanning, publications research and online surveys, and also created a mind-map of different subject areas of co-working.


Mind map for co-working spaces


We conducted started the primary research by conducting cultural probe, in-depth interviews, and surveys to gain understanding of people’s unarticulated and unmet needs.

User Observation Database

User quotes and insights from the surveys, participatory cultural probes and in-depth interviews:

  • "My job is like a moving city and I love it"

  • "My office would be better with more hot men"

  • "Sometime people in the space are just damn too loud"

  • "Moving my stuff was a big part but not as much as getting here"

  • It would be amazing if I clone myself, since I know what I do at

       work while others just screw it up"


From the data collected from secondary and primary data, the qualitative and quantitative data collected from various user groups. These insights were noted on:

Affinity Mapping:


Yellow Post- It - Direct voice user

Blue Post - It - Clustered user stories

Ideation - Themes from Blue post it cluster