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Hello, I'm Maitreyee!

I design for you, them, and everyone in between by intersecting humans, business, data, and technology.

Currently, applying design thinking and product design expertise for the native apps into making SmugMug the best place where photographers and photography can thrive.

UX/UI Design, User Testing
Automated Chatbot Builder
Simplifying the ways chatbots are built by pioneering UX Design
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UX/UI Design, UX Research, User Testing
Pioneering UX Design for a social giving platform for donors & volunteers 
UX Research, User Testing, UI Design
Vecteezy Editor
Making design accessible for non-professionals to customize images & vectors by spearheading UX Research 
UX/UI Design, UX Research
Enhancing the experience of relocation by encouraging collaboration between relocators & helpers
Ethnographic Research, Design Framework
Ideal Experience of Sharing
Strategizing a design framework for potential sharing economy industry

Some kind words~

When Maitreyee first joined our Innovation Lab within Retail Business Services, we had a lot of projects going on, some existing and some new. Maitreyee had no problem picking up projects that were in very different design stages.


On top of this, Maitreyee took on an existing project, a chat bot builder, conducted a deep dive to understand the research and designs that had been created prior to and took action to make necessary improvements to the digital solution. This is a very technical driven project, which required Maitreyee to fully understand the the ask not only from the business and user perspective, but also how chat bots are technically created. She has done a great job taking apart complex requirements by sitting down with the primary end users to fully understand the process via user interviews and user testing her prototypes. During the chat bot project, she also used Figma to create new user flows that better fit the user needs and created multiple different screen scenarios to make sure the development team created the best version of the solution. Throughout her collaboration with product owners, users and the development team, this project has seen tremendous improvements. 

Maitreyee’s method of gathering and analyzing information in both a technical and non technical way is inspiring! Not many people can break down the technical requests and form it into beautiful designs that users love. She is always looking for a way to improve her work that will benefit the end user. Anyone would be lucky to have her on the team!

Hannah Lutz, Design Lead, Retail Business Services, Ahold Delhaize

April 2021, Hannah managed Maitreyee directly

I have travelled with Maitreyee long enough as a mentor to be able to proudly vouch for her to my network or anyone reading this. There has been a significant transformation in Maitreyee in a lot of dimensions in Design from storytelling, expressing herself, soft skills, presentation skills, design expertise and moreover the constant ability to keep pushing herself and learning more everyday. I have seen her through highs & lows and she is as strong as a rock. Perseverance & competency are her jewels that she needs to preserve and I am proud to be her mentor. I strongly recommend her as a UX professional as I know she will definitely bring a lot to the table, more than you can ask for.

Vikram Nitesh, Sr. Product Designer, Synopsys

April 2021, Nitesh was Maitreyee's mentor

"I would highly recommend Maitreyee for a role in the UX Design and Research space. Her work is incredibly detailed, exploring multiple dimensions through a variety of research methods. Empathy for the user is one of her strong points, often going above and beyond her research role to help customers achieve their goals. Maitreyee would be an excellent addition to any Product team."

Cale Mooth, Product Manager, Eezy

July 2020, Cale managed Maitreyee directly

"Maitreyee’s curiosity and user-centered mentality is the right combination for a UX Researcher. It allows her to uncover nuggets of user insights that is essential to building a better product. I look forward to seeing how she grows as a UX Researcher and Designer, and the impactful products she will undoubtedly create."

Harry Ng, CEO, GiveShop

March 2020, Harry managed Maitreyee directly

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