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My Story

I've always been intrigued by the way people interact with a product/service/space and the experiences they carry with it. This is probably why, in my work, I thrive on problem-solving, innovation and designing for the future. 

I do this by bridging the gap between both users and businesses through the alignment of collaborative practices to add value through the research-driven process, empathetic design, effective storytelling and creating experiences that matter. As a graduate M.A student in Design Management at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), I specialize in UX Research, UX Design and Design Strategy.

My background in Architecture and Urban Design has taught me to prioritize attention to detail, empathetic understanding, critical thinking, and I'm known for being the curious one. I realize the importance of cross-functional collaborations and thrive in team-based projects. When I'm not working, I'm usually found exploring the beauty of local neighborhoods, clicking beautiful pictures, cooking for my friends or playing Badminton.

Things I love about design and my approach towards design


Discover. Immerse


As a researcher, I seek to understand problems, systems, patterns and behaviors

Methods used

- In-depth interviewing

- Observation/contextual inquiry

- Group discussions

- Remote research

- Participatory research

- Project scoping

- Project management

- Stakeholder engagement

- Brainstorming sessions

- Market research

- Survey questionnaires

- Competitor analysis


Reframe. Create


Ideation provides both the inspiration and facilitation for building prototypes and innovative solutions

Methods used

- Affinity diagramming

- Empathy maps

- Concept/focus group workshops

- User journey mapping

- Persona creation

- Ideation sessions

- Business model generation

- Value proposition canvas

- Priority matrix

- Wireframing

- Information architecture

- Design criteria


Test. Inspire growth

noun_A_b testing_2610524 (1).png

Iteration is a fundamental of good design and inspiring growth is always challenging

Methods used

- Low and high fidelity prototyping

- Usability testing

- Concept testing

- A/B testing

- User testing

- Strategy creation

- Storyboarding

- Storytelling

- Delivering presentations

- Stakeholder engagement

- Financial modeling

- Pitching


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